Venue Hire

Venue Hire

We are pleased to offer our facilities for hire to groups and individuals in the community.

The Calwell Church is a large building and offers convenient parking.

  • A hall that can seat 170 in theatre style
  • A meeting room, catering for up to 20 people

The kitchen and café area of the Calwell Church are available to all hirers, regardless of which part of the building is hired.

How to hire

For pricing, please read though our pdfhire rates.

If you would like to hire either locations, please complete the pdf Hire Agreement and post or upload it back to us.

Postal Address: PO Box 122, Calwell ACT 2905
Upload form here

Conditions of Use


The building must be cleaned prior to leaving (to the standard at which it was found). Failure to adhere will result in a penalty fee no less than $150.

Alcohol Policy

The Alliance Church has a no alcohol policy. Regardless of the nature of the event, alcohol is not permitted on the property. 

Damage to Property

The cost of repairs to the grounds, the building or its contents, as a result of damage inflicted during the period of hire, will be charged to the hirer.

Issuing of Keys

Should you be issued with a set of keys to the building, you are not permitted to duplicate them or use them to access the building at any time outside the hours stipulated in the hiring agreement. Keys must be returned at the completion of the hiring period. Should you lose the issued keys, the security of the building will be compromised and a fee will be incurred. This fee will include the replacement of exterior door locks and, if necessary, the replacement of any interior door locks.


It is not permitted to display advertisements on the inside or outside of the building without the consent of the Alliance Church.

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